Friday, July 20, 2012

Infectious Creativity: A-Z of Unusual Words

I stumbled upon The Project Twins thanks to a couple of friends on Facebook. James and Michael Fitzgerald, the artists who run The Project Twins - a graphic design and illustration studio in Ireland - have a wicked imagination. Their A-Z of Unusual Words project is described thus: Bold graphics and visual wit are used to interpret and represent a collection of strange, unusual and lost words.

The one on top is a illustration of Acersecomic - a person whose hair has never been cut. The one below is my favourite, Tarantism - disorder characterised by an uncontrollable urge to dance. I definitely connect with that one!

You'd love their entire collection of illustrations on this one - fun, quirky, solemn, dark - the whole gamut. Go check this out and also the other projects this talented duo has been creating here.

And on that note, have a groovy weekend!

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Sunny Nomad: Infectious Creativity: A-Z of Unusual Words

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Infectious Creativity: A-Z of Unusual Words