Sunday, May 6, 2012

Everyday Inspiration: Blue Buddy

The life of a nomad means I often stay away from all that is cozy and comfortable for long stretches of time. We have been away from our home in Kerala since early February. This little birdie has added to my sense of feeling at home on several occasions.

No matter where I am, I have always managed to spot my blue buddy - the white throated, blue winged Kingfisher. Am fascinated by this fisherman and have spotted him everywhere - in Mumbai, Delhi, Diu, Goa and Istanbul. A pretty little one visits us often in our backyard in Kerala. 

Back in Mumbai, I saw one almost everyday, on my way to work on a bursting-at-its-seams local train. I looked forward to that part of my journey and spotting one meant this was going to be a good day. Yeah, a little cuckoo maybe, but it was my way of holding on to hope. 

Once, while on a research trip to Delhi, I was lost in a maze of roads and traffic. I looked up, out the window, and there, perched on an electric wire was this harbinger of comfort. I smiled to myself and thought, if this little guy (his size is barely 28 centimeters while am 172 centimeters tall) can survive this city, so can I.

The several shades of the Kingfisher's blue feathers inspire me. The idea that we all have wings (metaphorically speaking) and a chance at freedom if we spread those wings, lifts up my spirits no matter how tough the going gets. Am drawn to nature and all things blue, so this one fits the bill perfectly. 

I've tried to capture the lovely creature through my shutter whenever possible, but like all winged ones, he's pretty flighty. I will continue my quest for a perfect shot, but until then, whenever am missing the blue one, these keep me happy.

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At May 7, 2012 at 1:10 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The bird looks as if it has a smile on its face :) Little pleasures of life - Ham

At May 7, 2012 at 4:09 PM , Blogger Priyanka Nayar said...

@Ham: So true! Maybe he knows something we don't know :)


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Sunny Nomad: Everyday Inspiration: Blue Buddy

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Everyday Inspiration: Blue Buddy