Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Search for New: 15 Random things about me

I've turned a sunny 30 this month. A big milestone year, one might say. There never really was a lot of things on my list of things to do before I crossed the third decade. But I think I shall put down a list of things to do before the year runs out. One of them will be to do something new each day. I plan to hear new songs, read new authors, sing new songs, go to new places, learn new things and ofcourse make a whole bunch of new friends. One can never be too old to do that, right?

So as part of this quest for new experiences, am going to do something that I think other bloggers out there are pretty brave to do. I have mulled over doing it, and chickened out earlier. But today is all about following up on resolutions, so, am going to do it. Am going to give out 15 (30 would be a bit much!) random things about myself:
  1. I can blissfully spend three quarters of an hour (at the very least) with bubble wrap. It is the #1 invention in the world
  2. I can't hold a tune, at all. Am kinda tone deaf when it comes to my own voice. Am also being nice to myself right now
  3. I love dancing. I trained in classical Indian Kathak for a while when I was little. But after that, nobody has been able to 'train' me. I specialise in free-style now :)
  4. Yellow is my favourite colour. Immediately after is turquoise blue, flowed by white, orange and neon peach
  5. Goa is where I like to go to 'find' myself. I went to Goa just before my 25th birthday and I felt like I was home. It is home and I yearn to go back every time am away.
  6. When in Goa, I like to look out at the sea, sink my feet in the sand and sip on a King's beer
  7. I hate getting wet in the rain. On the other hand, I love sunshine!
  8. I look silly in hats and caps but  can rock any pair of sunglasses. Any pair
  9. Shoes are my weakness. Those, bags and brownies
  10. Am a travel show, food show, travel show junkie. I can go through days of only watching these, yes even the ones on TLC dubbed in Hindi
  11. I have a thing for wine bottles. It's not a weird thing, I like collecting them. Many people do, don't they? I sorta protect them with my life though
  12. Usually, am reading at least 3 books at any given point in time. That probably explains why it takes me ages to finish a book
  13. The book I read every so often is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I've read it atleast 10 times in the past decade and yet I always find something new there. It is my most favourite book
  14. The comic character I most identify with is Calvin, he makes a lot of sense, but the grown-ups just don't get it! 
  15. I love Jalebis (sugary squiggles made of flour), but I adore cheesecakes more. So much so I learnt to make an eggless version I found on Divine Taste. I made a strawberry one instead of the mango, and even though mine didn't turn out as flawless looking, it tasted divine :)

Here's a bonus one, for those of you still reading - I am not very comfortable with sharing things about me. So this has been a sprint out of the comfort zone. But I feels good. I have kicked off ze resolution well! xo


At March 7, 2012 at 12:35 AM , Anonymous Harshikaa said...

tone deaf?! really? so u r not a 'rock player' as ur other half? (can't say better, can i?)

At March 7, 2012 at 3:07 PM , Blogger sunny nomad said...

Hi Harshikaa,

Yes, when I sing...but I can spot a bad tune by someone else! I love music otherwise and I now know am tone deaf when I sing, only because other people have told me so. They are my real buddies :)

How have you been? And how's the lil one? Do send us some pictures.


At March 22, 2012 at 4:15 PM , Anonymous Minu said...

i never realised u had a blog....somehow...i love reading blogs like yours :) keep on at it :)


At March 25, 2012 at 9:23 AM , Blogger Priyanka Nayar said...

Hi Minu, thanks for stopping by, and dropping a line. I'll keep at it, hope to see you here more often :)


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The Search for New: 15 Random things about me